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Chase and Catch Games Third Man

( Chase and Catch, Running, Tag )

This game is another form of the game commonly known as Three Deep but instead of being played in the circular formation the players are scattered irregularly over the playground.

All of the players but two take partners and scatter in any irregular way. The players forming each couple stand facing each other with the distance of a long step between them. To make a success of the game the distance should be considerable between the various couples.

Of the two odd players one is runner and the other chaser the object of the latter being to tag the runner. The runner may take refuge between any two players who are standing as a couple. The moment that he does so the one toward whom his back is turned becomes third man and must in his turn try to escape being tagged by the chaser. Should the chaser tag the runner they exchange places the runner immediately becoming chaser and the chaser being liable instantly to tagging.

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