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Call and Response Games Triple Change

( Call and Response, Chase and Catch, Command and Response, Tag )

The players form a circle with the exception of three who stand in the center. Those forming the circle and those in the center number off in threes. The players in the center take turns in calling each his number as “One ” “Two ” or “Three ” whereupon all of the players in the circle who hold that number quickly change places with each other the one who called the number trying to catch one as he runs to a new place. Any player so caught changes places with the caller. For instance the center player may call “Three ” whereupon all of the Numbers Three in the circle must change places. They may do this by changing with a near neighbor or tantalize the one who called by running across the circle.

The center players take turns in calling numbers. For instance if the first one fails to secure a place then the second of the center group calls. Should the first succeed in catching one of the other players the player so caught will await his turn in the center until Numbers Two and Three have each had a turn at calling before he calls a number.

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