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Call and Response Games Fox And Geese

( Call and Response, Chase and Catch, Tag )

One player is chosen to be fox and another to be gander. The remaining players all stand in single file behind the gander each with his hands on the shoulders of the one next in front. The gander tries to protect his flock of geese from being caught by the fox and to do this spreads out his arms and dodges around in any way he sees fit to circumvent the efforts of the fox. Only the last goose in the line may be tagged by the fox or should the line be very long the last five or ten players may be tagged as decided beforehand. It will be seen that the geese may all cooperate with the gander by doubling and redoubling their line to prevent the fox from tagging the last goose. Should the fox tag the last goose (or one of the last five or ten if that be permissible) that goose becomes fox and the fox becomes gander.

A good deal of spirit may be added to the game by the following dialogue which is sometimes used to open it —

The fox shouts tantalizingly “Geese geese gannio “
The geese reply scornfully “Fox fox fannio “
Fox “How many geese have you to-day “
Gander “More than you can catch and carry away.”

Whereupon the chase begins. This game is found in almost all countries under various names and representing different animals.

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