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Acting and Dramatic Games Mother May I Go Out To Play

( Acting and Dramatic, Call and Response, Chase and Catch, Choreographed, Command and Response )

This is one of the old traditional dramatic games and is found in many countries. One player represents a mother and the rest are her children and stand in front of her in a line. One or all of them ask the mother the following question the mother answering as indicated —

“Mother may I go out to play “
“No my child it is such a wet day.”
“Look how the sun shines mother.”
“Well make three round courtesies and be off away.”

The children thereupon make three “round courtesies” by whirling around and dipping down suddenly to spread the skirts out. They then run away and pretend to play. Soon they return and knock at the door. The mother asks —

“What have you been doing all this time ”
“Brushing Jennies hair and combing Jennies hair.”
“What did you get for it ”
“A silver penny.”
“Wheres my share of it ”
“The cat ran away with it.”
“Wheres the cat ”
“In the wood.”
“Wheres the wood ”
“Fire burnt it.”
“Wheres the fire ”
“Moo cow drank it.”
“Wheres the moo cow ”
“Sold it for a silver penny.”
“What did you do with the money ”
“Bought nuts with it.”
“What did you do with them ”
“You can have the nutshells if you like.”

The last words being rather disrespectful the mother at once chases the children calling “Wheres my share of the silver penny ” The players being chased reply “You may have the nutshells ” The mother thus catches the children one after another and pretends to punish them.

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