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Chase and Catch Games Old Man Tag

( Chase and Catch, Running, Tag )

The players are in groups of two rows each which play together. These two rows face away from each other. Thus the first and second row will turn respectively to the right and left with their feet in the aisles toward which they then face. This will leave a free aisle between them in which the “old man” may run about. The third and fourth rows play together facing away from each other and leaving a free aisle for their old man or tagger. This will bring the second and third rows with their feet in the same aisle.

For each group one player is selected to be old man or tagger. The teacher gives a signal whereupon all of the players stand. The object of the game is for the old man to tag any player who is standing. The players may avoid this by sitting whenever the old man approaches them. Should he succeed in tagging any player that player must remain seated until the end of the game but any player who sits to escape tagging must rise again as soon as the old man has moved away from his vicinity. The player is considered to have won who longest avoids the old man.

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