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Bluffing Games Call Ball

( Bluffing, Handball, Tennis Ball )

The players are numbered and scatter promiscuously over the playground or gymnasium. One tosses a ball at the same time calling the number of some other player. This player must run forward and catch the ball before it has bounded more than once. Any player who is successful in this takes the place of the first tosser. Any player who fails rejoins the others but three failures put him out of the game. For large numbers it is well to have two balls tossed by two different players.

The one who is tossing the ball will add much to the interest of the game by calling the names of players who are at a considerable distance from the ball or for any other reason may have a particularly difficult task in reaching the ball in time or he may take them unaware as by calling the same name twice in succession etc. There is no limit to the number of times a player may be called.

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