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Blindfolded Games Jacob And Rachel

( Blindfolded, Bluffing, Call and Response, Guessing, Hunting )

All of the players but two form a circle with clasped hands. The two odd players are placed in the center one of them “Jacob ” being blindfolded. The object of the game is for Jacob to catch the other player “Rachel ” by the sound of her voice but Rachel is supposed to be rather coy and to do all in her power to avoid being caught by Jacob even though she answer his questions.

Jacob begins the game by asking “Rachel where art thou ” Rachel replies “Here am I Jacob ” and immediately tiptoes to some other point in the ring trying to evade Jacobs outstretched hands as he gropes for her. Rachel may stoop to evade being caught or may dash from one side of the ring to the other or resort to any tactics except leaving the ring. Jacob may repeat his question whenever he wishes and Rachel must answer each time.

When Rachel is caught Jacob returns to the ring Rachel is blindfolded and chooses a new Jacob this time taking the aggressive part and seeking him with the question “Where art thou Jacob ” etc.

When the game is played by both boys and girls the names are used properly but where all boys or all girls are playing the same names are used but one of the party is personated by a player of the opposite sex.

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