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Bluffing Games Cat In A Corner

( Bluffing, Call and Response, Choreographed, Defense and Attack, Running )

All of the players but one are disposed in the corners or at convenient goals that will answer the same purpose. The odd player goes from one to another saying “kitty wants a corner ” The player to whom this is addressed replies “Go to my next-door neighbor.” Any two of the other players meanwhile watch their opportunity to beckon to one another for exchanging places. They try to make this exchange of signals and to dash across from place to place when the attention of Cat is attracted in some other direction as kitty must try to secure a corner by rushing to any place that is vacant when the players thus exchange.

The sport of the game consists very largely in tantalizing Cat by making many exchanges or on the other hand in Cat suddenly dashing for some vacant place without giving previous evidence of knowing of it. Whenever Cat secures a corner the odd player left out becomes Cat.

Cat when not succeeding in getting a corner as soon as desirable may call “All change ” when all of the players must exchange places and in the general flurry Cat should secure a place.

Out of doors.–This game may be very delightfully adapted to outdoor play by each player taking a tree as a “corner ” when the dodging and running may be much more varied and interesting than in the open space of a parlor or gymnasium.

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