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Bluffing Games Midnight

( Bluffing, Call and Response, Hunting, Running )

One player is the fox and the others sheep. The fox may catch the sheep only at midnight. The game starts with the fox standing in a den marked in one corner of the playground and the sheep in a sheepfold marked in the diagonally opposite corner. The fox leaves his den and wanders about the meadow (playground) whereupon the sheep also come forth and scatter around approaching as close to the fox as they dare. They keep asking him “What time is it ” and he answers with any hour he chooses. Should he say “Three oclock ” or “Eleven oclock ” etc. they are safe but when he says “Midnight ” they must run for the sheepfold as fast as possible the fox chasing them. Any sheep caught changes places with the fox and the game is repeated. When played in a class room only a few children should be selected for sheep.

This game is enjoyed by children of almost any age.

It affords an excellent opportunity for daring and for finesse. Timid children should be encouraged to take risks approaching near the fox and surrounding him on all sides. All should be taught to make the chase varied and difficult for the fox instead of running in a straight line for the goal. The fox has opportunity for much stratagem in choosing for the moment when he says “Midnight ” one in which the players are standing where he could easily catch or corner them. He may also gain advantage by appearing to start in one direction and suddenly changing to another. These elements add zest to the game cultivate prowess and make the children brighter and more alert.

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