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Ball and Bag Games Games Target Dodgeball v2

( Ball and Bag Games, Basketball, Defense and Attack, Foursquare, Kickball, Running )

From Player DL: a nice, basic version of dodgeball, with teams.

Location: In Basketball court, or something similar to it.
There are 2 teams with equal number of players. One of the players from both sides needs to be the TARGET. The target needs to stand on the far side line, he can’t move out of the line but he can move side to side, not stepping out of the free throw line.
The players are to run and try to hit the TARGET with a dodgeball or soft kickball to score 1 point, once 1 point is scored, they need to change their target.
At the start, players go to the middle of the court and do something, like flipping a coin, to choose the starting team. Once started, players need to pass the ball.
You can’t move with the ball in your hand, but you are allowed to make false steps or move one foot, but standing at the same spot. When have the ball, you can’t dribble or dodge around, so you need to pass the ball to someone.

When you have the ball, pass. When you don’t, look for pass.
Now the target rules and fouls:
The players can’t cross the freethrow line when they shoot. The players CAN stand inside the freethrow line, they can go anywhere. But if a player has the ball inside the freethrow line, or someone catches the pass INSIDE the freethrow line, it is a foul. When a player pushes, kicks, etc. are also all fouls.
Referees arent necessary in this game, unless the players wish.
When a player from team 1 commits a foul, then team 2 needs to go to their free throw line, stand in the line and shoot at the target. The target can move side to side, can jump dodge etc.

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