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Educational Games Recognition

( Educational, Guessing, Literature, Mystery, Pen and Paper )

Each player is given a card or slip prepared with the following questions or the list may be dictated at the time.

What famous persons historical or mythical do these objects suggest

1. Hatchet (George Washington.)
2. A rail fence (Abraham Lincoln.)
3. A kite (Benjamin Franklin.)
4. A muddy cloak (Sir Walter Raleigh.)
5. A lonely island (Robinson Crusoe.)
6. A burning bush (Moses.)
7. A ruff (Queen Elizabeth.)
8. A glass slipper (Cinderella.)
9. An apple (William Tell.)
10. A silver lamp (Aladdin.)
11. A smooth round stone (David.)
12. Long hair (Sampson.)
13. A dove (Noah.)
14. A pomegranate seed (Persephone.)
15. A spider web (Robert Bruce.)
16. A key (Bluebeard.)
17. A wolf (Red Riding Hood.)
18. A steamboat (Robert Fulton.)

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