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Educational Games Tidbits Farmer

( Educational, Guessing, Literature, Mystery, Pen and Paper )

Each player should be given a card or slip of paper on which the following verses are written the last of each line being left blank. The game consists in filling in the blank spaces each with a double letter of the alphabet as indicated in parentheses. The player wins who has the largest number correct.

There is a farmer who is (YY)
Enough to take his (EE)
And study nature with his (II)
And think on what he (CC)

He hears the chatter of the (JJ)
As they each other (TT)
And sees that when a tree de (KK)
It makes a home for (BB)

A yoke of oxen will he (UU)
With many haws and (GG)
And their mistakes he will ex (QQ)
When plowing for his (PP)

He little buys but much he se (LL)
And therefore little (OO)
And when he hoes his soil spe (LL)
He also soils his h (OO)

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