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Call and Response Games Buzz

( Call and Response, Educational, Memory, Singing and Song )

This is a quiet game as distinguished from those requiring much muscular activity. One of the players starts the game by saying “One” the next says “Two ” the next “Three ” etc. until the number “Seven” is reached when the word “Buzz” is substituted for it. The next player says “Eight ” and so on up to a multiple of seven such as fourteen twenty-one twenty-eight etc. on each of which the word “Buzz” should be used instead of the right number. The word “Buzz” is also substituted for any number in which the word seven occurs even though it should not be a multiple of seven such as seventeen twenty-seven thirty-seven etc. When seventy is reached the counting proceeds as “Buzz-one ” “Buzz-two ” etc. and seventy-seven is “Buzz-buzz.”

Whenever a player says a number instead of “Buzz ” or says “Buzz” in the wrong place or calls out a wrong number he must pay a forfeit and start the game over again by saying “One.”

The game may also be played by having each player who misses drop from the game. Where this is done and the player retains his seat but is silent the game becomes even more confusing for the players who remain.

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