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Call and Response Games Shakespearean Romance

( Call and Response, Educational, Guessing, Literature, Pen and Paper )

Each player is provided with a sheet of paper prepared with the following questions or the questions may be dictated at the time. Each question is to be answered with the title of one of Shakespeares plays. The player wins who has the largest number correct at the end of the time allotted for the game.

Other questions may be devised.

1. Who were the lovers (Romeo and Juliet.)
2. What was their courtship like (Midsummer Nights Dream.)
3. What was her answer to his proposal (As You Like It.)
4. About what time of the month were they married (Twelfth Night.)
5. Of whom did he buy the ring (Merchant of Venice.)
6. Who were the best man and maid of honor (Antony and Cleopatra.)
7. Who were the ushers (The Two Gentlemen of Verona.)
8. Who gave the reception (Merry Wives of Windsor.)
9. In what kind of a place did they live (Hamlet.)
10. What was her disposition like (The Tempest.)
11. What was his chief occupation after marriage (Taming of the Shrew.)
12. What caused their first quarrel (Much Ado about Nothing.)
13. What did their courtship prove to be (Loves Labor Lost.)
14. What did their married life resemble (A Comedy of Errors.)
15. What did they give each other (Measure for Measure.)
16. What Roman ruler brought about reconciliation (Julius Caesar.)
17. What did their friends say (Alls Well that Ends Well.)

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