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Physical Contest Games Wand Tug Of War

( Physical Contest, Team Wars and Battle, Tug of War, Wrestling )

This game is played with wooden gymnastic wands from three to five feet in length and not less then one inch in diameter. There should be half as many wands as there are players. A line is drawn across the center of the floor or playground. The players are divided into two divisions one standing on each side of the dividing line so that each player faces an opponent. These grasp each the end of a wand held horizontally between them. At a signal a tug of war begins each player trying to pull his opponent across the line. Any one who puts a foot on the ground of the opponents territory ceases the struggle and must come across the line. The division wins which has the greatest number of players on its side of the line at the end.

The game is best played in two or three five-minute intervals with rests between.

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