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Handball Games Schoolroom Captain Ball

( Handball, Kickball, Physical Contest, Team Wars and Battle, Volleyball )

The class is divided into two teams with a center captain and five bases on each side. The remaining players of each company serve as guards and are placed on the opposite side from their captains and bases to prevent opponents from catching the ball.

The teacher or umpire tosses the ball alternately to the guards the first time to team one the second time to team two.

The guards in turn toss it to their bases who try to get it to their captains the opposite guards opposing by guarding with the arms and jumping to catch the ball. The game continues until one captain catches the ball from a straight throw (not a bound) from a base (not a guard). The side catching the ball scores a point and the umpire then tosses the ball to the guards of the opposite team etc.

The game is played in time limits the side having the highest score at the end of ten or fifteen minutes winning the game.

Fouls are–Holding the ball longer than five seconds. Snatching the ball. Knocking the ball out of an opponents hand.

In case of a foul the ball is given to the opposite team.

Any number may play the game provided the sides are even.

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