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Basketball Games Drive Ball

( Basketball, Handball, Strategy, Team Wars and Battle, Volleyball )

This is one of the most interesting games for players beginning to care for team work some play the game persistently for several seasons in succession.

GROUND.–A court measuring from thirty to fifty feet in length by twenty to thirty in width is divided into two equal parts forming two courts each of which should be a little wider than it is long. A goal about two by four feet is marked in the center rear of each court within the boundary lines. It facilitates the game if the end of each court may be a wall or fence and thus make sort of a backstop behind the goal.

Each court has bases marked at even distances over its surface wherein the different players stand. These may be marked simply as a cross for a footmark or a small circle or square. There is no particular arrangement for these the only object being to scatter the players no mass play being allowed in the game.

PLAYERS.–The players of no stipulated number are divided into two equal teams. Each team appoints a captain who stands at the middle of the dividing line and is responsible for the discipline of his team a goal guard whose duty it is to keep the ball from the goal and who stands in the goal and from six to twelve players each assigned a certain spot marked as his territory and from which he may not move more than two feet.

OBJECT OF GAME.–The object of the game is to throw the ball into the opponents goal.

START.–The ball is put in play by being placed on the ground at the center of the dividing line between the two captains. At a signal from an umpire each captain hits the ball with his fist. The ball is thereafter kept moving rapidly back and forth from one court to the other hit always with the fist. After being caught or otherwise stopped it should be bounced or thrown from one hand and hit with the fist.

RULES.–No player may move more than two feet from the base assigned him. At no time may players do mass work. Whenever a goal is made the ball is again started from the center by the two captains. The goal guard may not step out of the goal even with one foot. The ball must always be hit with the closed fist.

FOULS.–It is a foul to kick the ball to hold it to throw it with both hands or in any way except by batting with the closed fist it is a foul to cross the dividing line. Each foul scores one point for the opposing team.

SCORE.–Whenever a ball touches the ground inside of a goal it scores two for the batting side. Fouls count for the opposing side as above stated. The game is played in three rounds of fifteen minutes each with a rest of five minutes between. The teams change courts for successive rounds. The team wins which has the highest score at the end of the third round.

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