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Basketball Games Curtain Ball

( Basketball, Blindfolded, Guessing, Kickball, Mystery, Team Wars and Battle )

This is one of the most interesting ball games and is adaptable to many conditions. For instance where a curtain cannot be conveniently hung the game may be played over a high fence or hedge.

The game consists in throwing a ball backward and forward over a curtain which conceals the opposing players from each other. As the ball should not be allowed to touch the ground scoring for the opponents whenever it does so the players have to be very alert and there is opportunity for much sport in the game. For a very large number of players more than one ball may be used.

GROUND.–No outside boundaries are necessary for this game. The ground should be divided into two approximately equal parts by an opaque curtain eight feet in height strung on a rope or wire carried across from side supports. This should touch the ground so that there is no means of seeing the position of the opposing players on the other side. As stated above the game may be played across a high fence or hedge instead of over a curtain.

PLAYERS.–The players are divided into two parties of equal number. There is no regular formation or disposition of the players over the ground. Each party should select an umpire whose duty it is to stand at one end of the curtain on the opponents side where he can watch the opponents and keep score.

RULES.–The ball is thrown back and forth from one side to the other over the curtain and should be caught before it can touch the floor. Players will try to deceive their opponents as to the point where the ball is to cross the curtain and the more rapid the play is the more alert the players will have to be. The great sport of the game consists in the unexpectedness with which the ball may appear at any given point.

SCORE.–Opponents score one point whenever the ball touches the ground. The side wins which first scores twenty-one points.

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