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BeanBag Games Center Catch Ball

( BeanBag, Handball, Kickball, Team Wars and Battle, Volleyball )

I. Simple form for little children.

All of the players but one stand in a circle with two or three feet distance between players. The odd player stands in the center of the circle and tries to catch the ball which is tossed rapidly from one circle player to another. Should he be successful the one who last touched the ball changes places with him.

II. Advanced form for skillful players.

This differs from the preceding in the greater distance between players and also in the much greater range and resourcefulness of play.

The players stand in a circle with from six to eight feet between each two and with one player in the center. The circle players throw a ball from one to another the object of the game being for the center player to catch the ball or knock it to the floor. The circle players may throw the ball over the heads of one another or across the circle or make sudden feints of throwing it in one direction turn suddenly and throw it in another etc. to deceive the center player.

Any player in the circle who last touched the ball changes places with the center player whenever the latter touches or catches the ball.

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