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Bluffing Games Black And White

( Bluffing, Tag )

One player is chosen as leader the rest being divided into two equal parties. Each player in one party should tie a handkerchief on the left arm to indicate that he belongs to the Whites those in the other division are called the Blacks. The players stand around the ground promiscuously the Whites and Blacks being mingled indiscriminately.

The leader is provided with a flat disk which is white on one side and black on the other and preferably hung on a short string to facilitate twirling the disk. He stands on a stool at one side or end and twirls this disk stopping it with one side only visible to the players. If the white side should be visible the party known as the Whites may tag any of their opponents who are standing upright. The Blacks should therefore drop instantly to the floor as in Stoop Tag. Should the black side of the disk be shown the party of Blacks may tag the Whites. Any player tagged drops out of the game. The party wins which puts out in this way all of its opponents. The leader should keep the action of the game rapid by twirling the disk very frequently.

This is an excellent game for keeping players alert and may be the source of much merriment.

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