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Blindfolded Games I Spy

( Blindfolded, Hide and Seek, Memory, Tag )

One player is chosen to be the spy who blinds his eyes at a central goal while the other players scatter and hide. The spy counts one hundred upon the completion of which he announces his readiness to take up the hunt by shouting aloud —

“One two three
Look out for me
For I am coming and I can see ”

Or he may shout only the word “Coming ” as he leaves the goal or merely the last count “One hundred ” The spy endeavors to detect as many hidden players as possible and for each player must dash back to the goal hit it three times and call out “One two three for (X) ” naming the player. Should he make a mistake in identity the player really seen and the one named by mistake are both free and may return to the goal without further danger. As soon however as a player knows he has been detected by the spy he should race with the latter for the goal and should he reach it first should hit it three times and call out “One two three for me ” Any player who can thus make the goal after the spy has started on his hunt may save himself in this way whether he has been detected or not. Should all of the players save themselves in this way the same spy must blind for the next game. This however seldom happens. The first one caught by the spy that is the first one for whom he touches the goal becomes spy for the next game.

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