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Bluffing Games Slipper Slap

( Bluffing, Choreographed, Circle and Breakthrough, Guessing, Tag )

This game is played with a slipper or a piece of paper folded in several thicknesses to present a surface of about three by eight inches firm but flexible. This may be crumpled at one end to form a sort of handle if desired.

One player is chosen to stand in the center. The others stand in a circle shoulder to shoulder so that the center player cannot see what goes on behind their backs. The players then pass the slipper from hand to hand behind their backs taking every favorable opportunity to slap the one in the center with it but instantly that this is done the player holding the slipper must put it again behind his back and pass it to the next player to avoid being caught with the slipper in his hand. The one in the center should try to catch any player who thus slaps him before the slipper is passed to another player.

Very rapid action and much sport may be had from this game. It is rulable to hit the center player with nothing but the slipper but the players will use any other feints they choose to mislead him as to who holds the slipper pretending to pass it or making a false move as though to hit him etc. The center player must catch one of the circle men with the slipper actually in his hands to have it count. Should this be done he changes places with that player.

This game may be played in the schoolroom the class being divided into groups of ten or twelve players each. It is also an excellent parlor game and is full of sport if played by quick alert players.

This game is from Denmark.

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