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Choreographed Games Wink

( Choreographed, Defense and Attack, Guessing, Mystery, Tag )

An uneven number of players are required for this game. Enough chairs are placed in a circle to allow one chair to each two players and one for the odd player that is half as many chairs as there are players with one player over. A player sits in each chair all facing inward. Behind each chair stands a second player who acts as guard. There should be one empty chair with a guard behind it. This odd player winks at some one sitting in the circle who at once tries to slip out of his chair without being tagged by his guard and take his place in the empty chair. He may not go if he be tagged by his guard. The object of the guards should be to avoid being the keeper of an empty chair and therefore the one who has to wink. The players try to evade the vigilance of the guards by the quickness and unexpectedness of their movements. The guards may not keep their hands on their prisoners but must have them hanging at their sides until they see their players winked at. They may not dash around the sides of the chairs which they guard but must stay all the time behind them.

Nodding the head may be used instead of winking but is more apparent to the guards.

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