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Circle and Breakthrough Games Chickidy Hand

( Circle and Breakthrough, Hide and Seek, Tag, Tug of War, Wrestling )

One player is chosen to be It and stands near a post with the fingers of his hands interlocked. The other players each clasping his own hands in the same way crowd around the post and touch it with the clasped hands. The one who is It counts ten whereupon the players all run the one who is It trying to tag any of them. None of the players may unclasp their hands until they are tagged whereupon they are prisoners and clasp hands with It forming a line which thereafter is the tagging line though only the original It may tag the other players. The game is a contest between the tagging line which tries to recruit and retain its numbers and the free players who try (1) to avoid being captured for the tagging line and (2) to reduce the tagging line by breaking through it but the players in the line must resist this. Each time that the line is broken the one of the two players (whose hands were parted) who stands toward the head of the line is dropped out of the game. A free player may not be tagged after he has thrown himself upon (touched) a pair of hands that he is trying to part. The last player caught by the tagging line is the winner and becomes It for the next game.

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