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BeanBag Games Bend And Stretch Relay

( BeanBag, Relay Race )

This game consists in a sideways passing of two bean bags and two dumb-bells alternately. This amount of apparatus should be placed on the floor in the outer aisle beside each player in one of the outside rows say that to the left of the pupils.

On the command “Go ” each player in this first row picks up a dumb-bell raises it overhead and there passes it to his own right hand which is then extended sideways at shoulder level where the next player takes it. The dumb-bells are passed across the room in this manner each player stretching his arms high overhead when he passes the bell from his left to his right hand. The last player who receives the bell places it on the floor beside him in the outer aisle.

As soon as the first player has passed the first dumb-bell he picks up a bean bag by bending down to the left then straightens upward passes the bag over his head to his own right hand and then bends deeply to the right and places the bean bag on the floor at his right side. He immediately straightens to an erect position when the next player bends takes up the bag passes it over his head and bends to place it on the floor at his right side.

As soon as he has disposed of the first bean bag the leader of each line reaches for the second dumb-bell. This time the bell is passed simply from hand to hand in front of the body instead of overhead.

As soon as the second bell has left his hand the leader of each line picks up the second bean bag which is the last piece of apparatus to be passed. The passing of the second bean bag is different from that of the first. The pupils face sideways to the left their feet resting in the aisle and drop the bag behind them to the floor with both hands at the same time bending slightly backward. The next player bends forward picks up the bag with both hands and then leans backward with his hands stretched high overhead and drops the bag in his turn in the aisle behind him. The line wins whose last player first receives the second bean bag. The player in the last line receiving this bean bag should stand instantly and hold the bean bag high overhead the winning line being selected by this signal.

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