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Physical Contest Games Wand Race

( Physical Contest, Relay Race, Running )

An objective line fence or wall is chosen and from ten to twenty feet from it and parallel with it a starting line is drawn. The players stand behind this line and toe it. If there be a large number they form in competitive files as for a relay race the leaders of each division toeing the line. Each leader balances on the forefinger a gymnasium wand the other hand being placed on the hip and walks forward to the objective line all starting at a given signal. Should the wand be dropped it must be picked up and the effort resumed from the place where this happened.

The first one to reach the objective line wins or if a relay scores for his division. The division wins that gets the largest score. If desired the winners i.e. those scoring for the different lines may “play off” against each other after all of the other players have had their turn.

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