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Baseball Games Over And Under Relay

( Baseball, Basketball, BeanBag, Choreographed, Football, Handball, Kickball, Physical Contest, Relay Race, Running, Tennis Ball, Volleyball )

This game is a combination of Arch Ball and Stride Ball.

The players stand in two or more files the files containing an equal number of players. The game is a passing relay the files competing against each other. The leaders of each file have two balls bean bags or blackboard erasers. At a signal a ball (or whatever is used) is passed back over the heads of the players until it reaches the last one in the line who keeps it. The leader counts ten after the ball leaves his hands and at once passes back the second ball between his feet the players bending over to pass it along. When this reaches the last player he runs forward with a ball in each hand and takes his place at the head of the line which moves back one place to give him room. At once he passes one ball backward overhead counts ten and passes the other between his feet. This continues until the original leader who has been gradually backing to the rear of the line reaches the front again carrying both balls. The line wins whose leader first accomplishes this.

This game has some admirable exercise in it keeping the players bending and stretching alternately. Quick play should be encouraged. When played in a schoolroom alternate aisles should be kept clear that the runners may use them in running to the front of the room.

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