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Baseball Games Zigzag Rules

( Baseball, Basketball, BeanBag, Choreographed, Handball, Kickball, Physical Contest, Relay Race, Team Wars and Battle, Tennis Ball, Volleyball )

These games may be played with any kind of a ball or with bean bags.

There are several forms of Zigzag Ball. The simpler forms are useful in getting young players or those unused to play accustomed to the skill of handling balls. The more complicated forms make very lively games interesting to players of any age. The different games are played in line and circle formation. The main characteristics of the different line forms are as follows —

(1) The players are divided into groups of two ranks each each group forming a separate team. The ball is zigzagged from one rank to another of a group without skipping any players. The groups are competitive as in relay races.

(2) The players stand in groups of two lines each but these groups are composed of two different teams the alternate players of one rank and the alternate players of the opposite rank forming one team and the intervening players of the two ranks another.

(3) The players are divided into groups as in the first form each group consisting of one team arranged in two ranks which face each other but the ball is zigzagged by skipping every alternate player as it works its way to the end of the line in one direction and is tossed by these skipped players on its return to the front thus forming a double zigzag.

Other forms of the game are also here given namely the Circle Zigzag and the Zigzag Overhead Toss in which latter game the ball is tossed over the heads of intervening ranks the players of alternate ranks belonging to the same party.

In all of these forms the game may be made more lively and complicated by advancing from the use of one ball to that of two or more. The kind of ball used will also make a great difference in the play anything from a bean bag to a basket ball or medicine ball being suitable. Where bean bags are used it is desirable to have different colored bags for the different teams.

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