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BeanBag Games Line Ball

( BeanBag, Handball, Physical Contest, Relay Race )

For this game a line should be drawn on the floor across the front of the schoolroom a short distance in front of the blackboard. One player from each row of seats takes his place toeing this line. Another line is drawn at the front of each aisle even with the edge of the front desks. The game consists in a tossing of the ball from the leader on the forward line to different players who take their places in turn on the line at the head of the aisle. Each row of seats should contain an even number of players as the different lines compete with each other.

The first players in the rows rise from their seats on a given signal toe the line at the head of their aisle and catch the ball which should be tossed to them immediately by the leader who stands opposite. This player quickly returns the ball to the leader by means of another toss and sits down at once. His sitting is a signal for the player next behind him to run forward to the line catch the ball from the leader toss it back to the leader and reseat himself. This continues until every player in the line has caught and returned the ball when the leader should return to his seat and hold the ball up at arms length as a signal that his line has finished. The line wins whose leader is the first to do this.

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