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BeanBag Games Desk Relay

( BeanBag, Choreographed, Physical Contest, Relay Race )

The pupils sit on their desks facing the rear of the room and with the toes caught under the seats. The rear player on each line holds a bean bag. At a signal the bag is passed over the head backward to the next player who in turn passes it and so on until it reaches the player at the front who jumps down from the desk and hops on one foot to the rear of the room. As soon as this player has reached the rear seat all the players in the line stand and move forward one desk. The rear player takes the desk thus vacated and starts the bean bag again.

The line wins whose bean bag first reaches the front of the room after the pupils have all changed seats until original places are resumed.

The teacher should indicate which foot is to be used in hopping so that in successive playing of the game each pupil will hop alternately on the right and left foot.

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