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Basketball Games Line Club Bowls Single

( Basketball, BeanBag, Handball, Physical Contest, Relay Race, Tenpins )

This game differs from Double Club Bowls only in the object of the play. In Single Club Bowls the object is to knock over one Indian club which stands alone. In Double Club Bowls the object is to bowl the ball or bean bag between two upright Indian clubs without knocking them over.

Any kind of ball or bean bag may be used for this game. If there be few players one Indian club is set up for each player all clubs being widely separated and on a given line. At from ten to thirty feet from this club line a second line is drawn on which the players must stand to play. The players all slide the bag over the floor or roll the ball at once each player scoring one when he knocks over his Indian club. The clubs are then replaced the balls or bags gathered up and the players return to the starting line and bowl again.

The player wins who first scores twenty-five or fifty as may be determined before the game opens.

Where there is a large number of players the same form of play is used with the players in relay formation that is they should be divided into groups of equal numbers each group lining up in single file before the starting line and each member of a group bowling in turn for the club. After each player has bowled he should replace the club and bring back the ball or bean bag to the next player. In this form of the play it is not necessary for the different rows to throw simultaneously unless that be desired as a question of order or to facilitate the scoring. The row or team which makes the highest score wins.

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