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BeanBag Games Fetch And Carry

( BeanBag, Physical Contest, Relay Race, Running )

Each pupil is provided with a bean bag. A circle about fifteen inches in diameter is drawn with chalk on the floor directly in front of each aisle and close up to the front blackboard. At a signal from the teacher the first pupil in each row of seats runs forward places his bean bag in the circle in front of his aisle and runs back to his seat. As soon as he is in his seat the pupil back of him runs forward places his bean bag in the circle and returns to his seat. This is continued until every pupil in the row has deposited his bean bag the signal for each player to start being the seating of the player in front. The row which gets all of its bags first into the circle wins and scores one.

The play is then reversed. The last player in each row runs forward picks up a bean bag and returns to his seat. As he sits he touches the player in front on the shoulder who then starts forward but must wait for this signal. The row which first gets back to its seats each player with a bean bag wins and scores one.

As in all schoolroom games in which the players run through the aisles those who are seated must be very careful to keep their feet under their desks and never to start before the proper signal is given for their turn.

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