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Physical Contest Games Three Holes

( Physical Contest, Strategy, Tennis Ball )

This game is played by rolling a ball about the size of a golf ball into holes made in the ground. Three holes are made by spinning on the heel. They should be in a straight line at a distance of from six to fifteen feet apart. At the same distance from them and at right angles to them a line is drawn from which the players roll their balls. The first player stands with his heel on the bowling line and rolls his ball into hole number one. If successful he takes his ball out of the hole places his heel in the hole and rolls the ball to hole two. If successful he repeats this play for hole three and then turns around and rolls the ball back again into hole two and then into hole one. Having done this he starts again at the line and rolls the ball successively into each of the three holes until he reaches number three a second time. When this is accomplished he has won the game.

The probabilities however are that the player will not succeed in making the holes so quickly as here described. Whenever a players ball fails to get into a hole he leaves it where it lies and gives place to the next player. The next player has the choice of aiming for the hole or for his antagonists ball the latter being a desirable play if it lies in a position that makes a shorter roll than to his own. Having hit this ball he then rolls from that position to the hole. Should he fail to make either his opponents ball or the hole his ball must lie where it stopped and the next player takes a turn. A skillful player will be able to play on his antagonists balls so as to serve his own in making short rolls between holes. Whether the play be interrupted by failures of different players or not the player wins who first rolls his ball up the line down again and back to the third hole as first described.

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