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Basketball Games Arch Goal Ball

( Basketball, BeanBag, Handball, Physical Contest )

The players are divided into groups and line up in single file in two or more lines facing a basket ball goal or any substitute. Each line has a basket ball. At a signal each leader passes the ball backward overhead the next player catches it and passes it in the same way and so on to the end of the line. When the last player receives the ball he runs forward and tries to throw it into the basket standing on a line marked from five to ten feet from the goal. He is allowed but one throw when he quickly takes his place at the front of his line (which moves backward one place to make room for him) and at once passes the ball backward overhead. The last player in turn runs forward throws for goal etc. This is repeated until each player in a line has thrown for the goal. Each goal made scores two points for the team. The team wins which has the highest score when all of the players have thrown.

This may also be played on time. Then each player throws until he succeeds in getting the ball into the basket. The team wins whose last man finishes first.

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