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Choreographed Games Slap Catch

( Choreographed, Circle and Breakthrough, Defense and Attack, Physical Contest )

The players stand in a circle with one in the center. Those in the circle bend their elbows which should touch the sides and extend their hands in front with palms downward. The object of the one in the center is to slap the hands of any player in the circle while thus extended. The circle players may bend the hands downward or sideways at the wrist but may not withdraw the arms or change the position of the elbow. Any one slapped in this way changes places with the one in the center.

The success of this game will depend upon the alertness of the one who is in the center who should dodge quickly and unexpectedly from one part of the circle to another with many feints and false moves that will keep the circle players uncertain where he is going to slap next. Played in this way the game calls for much alertness on the part of all concerned. The circle should not be too large or the action will be too slow to be interesting.

SCHOOLROOM.–In the schoolroom this is played in groups with the players seated instead of in a circle. Two rows face each other to form a group with feet drawn well under the seats. The one who is It walks up and down the aisle.

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