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BeanBag Games Toss Ball

( BeanBag, Guessing, Handball, Physical Contest )

This game should be played with a light gas ball or a bean bag which the teacher holds standing in the front of the room. All of the players are seated. The teacher throws the ball suddenly in any direction at any player who must stand at once to catch the ball and immediately toss it back to the teacher. A player failing to catch the ball or catching it without standing has one point counted against him. Any player having failed in this way three times is out of the game and must take his place at one side of the room set apart for that purpose. As the game progresses one outside row of seats or the rear row across the room may be reserved for the players out of the game other rows being added as needed.

This game may also be played with a pupil tossing the ball instead of the teacher. Any player failing to catch the ball or catching it while seated changes places with the thrower instead of being out of the game as when the teacher throws. The thrower stands always in the front of the room. Both methods make a good game.

A large part of the interest of this game lies in the rapidity of the play and the unexpectedness with which the ball is thrown in any given direction.

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