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Balloons Games Balloon Ball

( Balloons, Kickball, Physical Contest )

There are two goals each consisting of a string stretched on opposite sides of the room from front to rear at a height of six feet. There may be any number of players who are divided into two teams.

The teams are seated in alternate rows. The As represent the players on one team the Bs the players on the opposing team. The balloon is thrown in the air in the center by the teacher and the players of both teams strike it with open hand.

Object.–The players of team A try to bat the balloon over goal A the players of team B try to send it over goal B.

Fouls.–Fouls are called for the following —

Standing more than half erect.
Leaving seat entirely.
Raising desk (if movable).
Striking ball with clinched hand.

Score.–Each goal made counts two points. One point is also awarded to the opposing team for each foul.

This game may be varied by having a goal keeper for each team whose duty shall be to prevent the balloon from crossing his or her goal line. This goal keeper should stand and should have a free use of the aisle in front of the goal.

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