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Choreographed Games Odd Mans Cap

( Choreographed, Physical Contest )

Twelve players make the best-sized group for this game where there are more players they should be divided into small groups. All but one of the players stand in a circle with considerable space between each two. The odd man stands in the center. Each player is provided with a stick about two feet in length canes or wands may be used as a substitute but the shorter sticks are better they may be whittled from branches or bits of wood and should not be pointed at the ends. The odd man tosses his cap or a cloth bag toward the circle. The players endeavor to catch it on their sticks and keep it moving from one to another so as to evade the odd man who tries to recover his property. Should he succeed he changes places with the one from whom he recovered it. The sticks must be kept upright in the air. A dropped cap may be picked up only by hand not on a stick. The sticks must always be held upright. An old stiff hat or a cap or bag wired around the edge to keep it spread open makes the best game.

This game holds the interest of the players intently and is full of sport.

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