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Physical Contest Games Snow Dart

( Physical Contest, Tenpins )

This game is played with a wooden dart about eight inches long whittled out of wood about the size of a broomstick pointed abruptly at one end and sloping gradually to the other. A narrow track or slide is made down the side of a hill or inclined place about sixty feet in length. At four different points in this track snow barriers or bumpers are made. The track is iced by throwing water over it and letting it freeze.

The dart is started at a point at the top of the track. It is not rulable to shove it it must simply be placed on the track and move of its own weight. The object of the game is to pass the dart in this way over as many of the barriers as possible without its leaving the track. Each player scores one point for each barrier over which the dart passes without leaving the track the one having the highest score at the end of the playing time winning. The players take turns in sliding the dart. Any player who can successfully pass his dart over all four barriers four times in succession wins irrespective of other scores. If desired the players may play in partners.

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