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Marble Coin Pebble and Jack Games Naughts And Crosses

( Marble Coin Pebble and Jack, Pen and Paper, Strategy )

A diagram is drawn on a slate paper or the ground and consists of two vertical lines crossed by two horizontal lines. One player chooses to write “naughts” (o) and the other “crosses” (x). The players take turns in marking a naught or a cross in one of the nine places provided by the diagram the object being to get three naughts or three crosses in a row. This row may be either vertical horizontal or diagonal.

A score is kept of the games won by each player and a third score is kept of the games played in which neither player wins.

This game may be played at the seashore on the playground or wherever the diagram may be traced on the earth.

For school use it is an interesting diversion for pupils who assemble early before a session opens or who remain in over a rainy noontime.

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