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BeanBag Games Catch Basket

( BeanBag, Kickball, Marble Coin Pebble and Jack )

The class stands in a circle around the room each half constituting a team with a leader at one end. On a desk in the center of the room is placed a waste-paper basket. The game consists in throwing a bean bag or a ball (large light gas ball preferable) into the basket the teams alternating their turns. There is no interference but an umpire stands in the center who returns the ball to the next player after each throw. The leaders throw first and each player in turn thereafter. Each time the ball lodges in the basket it scores one for the team throwing. A bean bag lodged on the edge of the basket scores as a goal. A player may throw but once at each turn. The game may be limited by time the team winning which has the highest score at the end of ten or fifteen minutes or it may end when each player has had a turn. The former method leads to quicker and more expert play which should be encouraged.

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