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Choreographed Games Leapfrog

( Choreographed, Leapfrog, Physical Contest )

The first player makes a back standing either with his back or his side toward the one who is to leap over. The next player runs leaps over the back runs a few steps forward so as to allow space for a run between himself and the first player and in his turn stoops over and makes a back. This makes two backs. The third player leaps over the first back runs and leaps over the second runs a short distance and makes a third back etc. until all the players are making backs when the first one down takes his turn at leaping and so on indefinitely.

VARIATION.–This may be made much more difficult by each player moving only a few feet in advance of the back over which he has leaped as this will then leave no room for a run between the backs but means a continuous succession of leaps by the succeeding players.

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