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Choreographed Games Vaulting Seats

( Choreographed, Command and Response, Leapfrog, Physical Contest )

This game is played the same as Changing Seats except that the pupils vault over the seats instead of sitting in them. The game may be played anywhere above the third year.

The teacher gives the order “Right jump ” whereupon all of the pupils jump over their seats toward the right-hand side of the room. The row that is displaced now standing in the right-hand aisle runs at once around the room to the left-hand aisle. The teacher then repeats her command. The directions for the vaulting should be varied and unexpected several being given to the right then several to the left etc.

The method of vaulting is to place one hand on the edge of the desk at the back of the seat to be vaulted over and one hand on the desk that goes with the seat to be vaulted over. The hand should preferably be placed halfway between the two aisles to assist both the jump and the landing. While placing the hands pupils should crouch in a position ready to spring with the heels raised knees spread outward and back straight and erect. They should land in the same position as the bend of the ankle knee and hip joints breaks the jar of landing.

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