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Command and Response Games Par

( Command and Response, Leapfrog, Physical Contest )

This is a leapfrog game in which the distance of the back from the jumping line is advanced after each round a “foot and a half ” measured in a certain way called a “par.” The game starts with the back at a given distance from the line. After each player has “overed ” the back places one foot with the outer edge on the line on which he has been standing puts the heel of the other foot against the instep so that the second foot will be at right angles to the first and marks a new line at the point where the toes come. The new line is thus the length of one foot in advance of the first line plus the width of the other foot at the instep. The players then leap again from the starting line and as the back moves farther away they add to their leaps each time as becomes necessary for the greater distance as follows (1) leap (2) hop and leap (3) hop twice and leap (4) hop three times and leap (5) hop skip jump and leap.

Any player failing to “over” changes places with the back.

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