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Choreographed Games Johnny Ride A Pony

( Choreographed, Leapfrog, Physical Contest )

This is a game of leapfrog. The players are divided into two even parties except for one leader one party being the ponies and the other the riders or Johnnies. The ponies form one long back as follows one player stands upright against a wall or fence the first back stoops in front of this leader bracing his head against him the other players grasp each the waist of the player in front and stoop with the heads against him or turned to one side (away from the jumper). When the backs (ponies) are ready the riders all run toward them from the side each rider vaulting from the side on to the back of one pony. The ponies try in every way except by straightening up to throw their riders while the leader counts fifty. If a rider be made to touch even one foot to the ground the ponies have won and score a point the riders exchanging places with them. If the ponies fail in this attempt they must be ponies again. The side wins which has the highest score at the end.

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