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Circle and Breakthrough Games Jump The Shot

( Circle and Breakthrough, Jumprope, Physical Contest )

For this game a shot bag such as is used to weight the ends of the rope that is drawn over jump standards may be used and the game takes its name from this. This bag however being heavy and hard may lead to accidents by hitting the ankles of players and other things are more desirable unless the players be expert. A bean bag sand or oat bag will do just as well tied to the end of a rope.

The players stand in a circle with one in the center holding a rope with a weight on the end. The center player swings the rope around to describe a large circle on the floor with a sufficient length of rope to place the bag in line with the feet of those in the circle. The circle players jump to avoid being caught around the ankles by the rope. Any one caught in this way must retire from the circle the player winning who longest retains his place.

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