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Choreographed Games Thimble Ring

( Choreographed, Circle and Breakthrough, Guessing, Mystery, Singing and Song )

All of the players but one stand in a circle each one clasping with his left hand the right wrist of his left-hand neighbor. This leaves all of the right hands free and all of the left hands occupied. The odd player stands in the center of the circle and tries to detect who holds the thimble that is passed from hand to hand. Each player in the circle places his right hand first in the hand of his neighbor on the right and then in the hand of the neighbor on the left keeping this movement going rhythmically while the entire circle repeats the lines —

“The thimble is going I dont know where
It is first over here and then over there.”

When the player in the center thinks he knows who has the thimble he goes up to him and says “My ladys lost her thimble. Have you it ” If correct these two players change places. If incorrect the one who is It demands of the player addressed to find it. This player in turn has one guess. If correct he takes the place of the one who has the thimble the one who was It taking the vacant place in the circle and the one who held the thimble going to the center. Should the player be incorrect in his guess he changes places with the one in the center.

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