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Acting and Dramatic Games Letting Out The Doves

( Acting and Dramatic, Chase and Catch, Choreographed )

This game is particularly suitable for young children. The players stand in groups of three. One in each group usually the smallest represents a dove one a hawk larger than the dove or a swifter runner and the third the owner of the birds. The dove stands in front of the owner holding her by the hand. The hawk stands behind also held by the hand. The owner throws the dove from her with a gesture of the hand first toward herself and then away as a dove might be tossed for flight in the air and the little dove sails away with arms floating like wings. When the dove has a sufficient start so that the larger and swifter hawk may not get her too easily the owner throws the hawk in the same way. The hawk runs with outstretched arms also as though flying and tries to catch the dove but is obliged to run over exactly the same route as the dove. At her discretion the owner claps her hands as a signal for the two pet birds to return to her the dove trying to get back without being caught by the hawk. The clapping for the return of the birds is always done with hollowed palms to make a deep sound. The owner gives this when the dove has reached the farthest point to which she thinks it best for her to go the judgment for this being determined sometimes by the gaining of the hawk on his prey. The dove may not turn to come home until the signal be heard.

It is well to make an imaginative atmosphere for little children for this game by telling them of the way doves and hawks are trained as pets.

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