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Chase and Catch Games Hip

( Chase and Catch, Running, Tag )

All of the players stand in an informal group. One of them is provided with a stick about the size of a broomstick and about two feet long. He throws this as far as he can at the same time calling the name of one of the other players. The one who threw the stick and all the others except the one whose name is called then scatter in a run. The one who is called must pick up the stick whereupon he becomes “Hip” and must chase the other players. Any player whom he catches he touches with the stick (pounding not allowed) and that player at once joins him in trying to catch the others. Any one caught by the second player however must be held by him until Hip can come and touch the prisoner with the stick whereupon he also joins Hips party. As the number of players with Hip increases there may be some pretty lively “tussling” on the part of players who are caught pending the arrival of Hip to touch them with the stick as he may have several to reach in this way and the interval may be considerable in which the captor must hold his victim. The game ends when all of the players have been touched by Hip.

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