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Acting and Dramatic Games Smuggling The Geg

( Acting and Dramatic, Bluffing, Chase and Catch, Guessing, Hide and Seek, Tag, Team Wars and Battle )

This is an old Scotch game evidently an outgrowth of smuggling. The “geg” is a small treasure or object easily handled such as a pocket knife key marble etc.

The players are divided into two even parties one called the “Outs” and the other the “Ins.” A den about four feet by six in size is marked on the ground in some central place. Both parties agree on boundaries beyond which it is unfair to go though the space available for play should be very considerable. It is determined by lot or by counting out which of the parties shall be the first Outs or smugglers this being the more desirable position. The Outs have the geg or treasure which they give to one of their number in a manner that leaves his identity unknown to the Ins. They may do this by going out of sight around a corner of a building and choosing one of their number to take the geg or by standing in a row within sight of the Ins with their backs to a wall or fence and pass the geg from hand to hand behind their backs making many feints and passes intended to deceive the onlookers.

When the geg has been deposited with one of their number the Outs run and hide but before reaching their final hiding place must give a call of “Smugglers ” This is the signal for the Ins to start on the chase. The object of the Ins is to catch the one player among the Outs who is custodian of the geg. The identity of this player may be a sheer matter of surmise on their part when they will have to challenge any player whom they may catch. If the player holding the geg can return to the den without being caught his party wins and again goes out for the next game. But if the holder of the geg be caught before he gets to the den the Ins win the game and become the Outs for the next round.

Whenever one of the Ins catches one of the Outs the latter is not a prisoner until he is “crowned” that is the pursuer must hold him take off his cap and place the palm of his hand on the prisoners head when he must cease to struggle. The pursuer then demands “Deliver up the geg ” which must be done at once should this particular smuggler be the one who holds it. This fact is then shouted aloud and all of the players return to the den. If the player caught should not have the geg he is allowed to go free.

Of course it is to the interest of the Outs to engage the attention of the Ins as much as possible upon players who do not hold the geg thus to give the holder of it a chance to make the den and so win for his party.

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